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Developments In Disappointment: Flint Water Crisis

Some discontent is brewing on my end — and not just because Rep. Louie Gohmert took a stand today against gay people being sent to space colonies… No, something is really wrong in my home state of Michigan, and more broadly in the nation when it comes to our water. The UN argued in 2013… Continue reading Developments In Disappointment: Flint Water Crisis

Behind The Sangria

Memorial Day Weekend: 25% Off Skin Care!

My family and I started a skin care line last year called Behind The Sangria, and the products are inspired by our favorite cocktails. Head to the siteย to check out the products. Also, this weekend you could get a very special discount in celebration of Memorial Day — 25% off when you enter the promo… Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend: 25% Off Skin Care!


School Days Anew With Roddy Doyle

I’m as much a sad participant in our click bait culture as anyone else. I skim the headlines, and try and find that intriguing thing I haven’t heard of before. Long gone are the days where people sat at a kitchen table reading a newspaper. So, naturally a short story isn’t likely to be able to draw a reader in with this ADHD reading mentality. Stories and novels require attention. It’s so difficult to pay attention. Unless something is just written so well that you can’t help but be drawn in.